Our areas of expertise


We prefer wood to plastic, and have the wherewithal to create the tools necessary to make wood components. We can provide a variety of wood solutions including bamboo which grows quickly, standard wood, or FSC wood.


Porcelain and ceramic are used in gentle heat diffusers. These materials are ideal for use with essential oils. A thorough knowledge of the firing process in high temperature ovens is a must when working with these materials


Our R&D office frequently designs metal items. We work on the manufacturing moulds we need internally. Some of these mould presses require over 250 tons of pressure.


We use digital modelling techniques to design plastic components that are used in the diffusers. We have also developed special plastics that are ideal for use with essential oils.

Blown glass

All of our nebuliser diffusers are made using hand-blown glass pieces whose shape is determined by our Design studio. This means we can be very creative with what we do.


We incorporate some unique functions into our products as a result of our development of specially created electronic circuits and software that is written in-house.

Lighting effects

By way of complementing the aroma of essential oils, we also incorporate multi-coloured LED lighting effects into some of our products.

Packaging and user guide

The entire printing process is dealt with by us This means we have the capacity to create packaging and user guide literature, and we can print your graphic material in the language of your choice. Design of user guide literature takes place in-house.

Standards and quality

Quality control

Each of our products is individually tested as well as being tested at various stages during the manufacturing process. Identification by unit means we can trace each item.

Adherence to standards

We draw on the resources of independent laboratories recognised by customs to test products in accordance with the standards set by the country that imports the products. These documents are available for viewing on request.

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