Ultrasonic diffusers

Most elegant ultrasonic diffuser: due to its pure design and ceramic coating, the Ceralia diffuser will capture the attention of consumers. It is an elegant model that fits in with any room. No visible button on the front panel, simply press on the diffuser and let the magic start.

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The benefits of the product

  • Made with ceramic
  • On/off button included on the underside of the product
  • Water level detector and automatic switch-of when the level is low

Automatic and ultra-quiet diffuser: by means of an ultrasonic membrane, this diffuser transforms water into micro-droplets that fly around the room, carrying essential oils along with it. The diffuser offers two diffusion intensities: a continuous diffusion for the dispersal of essential oils in areas with strong air current or an intermittent diffusion every 30 seconds so as not to saturate the ambient air. A water lever sensor also allows the diffusion to stop when the water tank is empty.

Suitable for spaces up to 30 square meters, the Ceralia generates a pleasant Zen-like atmosphere by diffusing essential oils through a delicate soothing mist.

A beautiful ultrasonic diffuser designed in ornamental porcelain: poetry that emerges from the colour schemes that appear through the ceramic make it a unique and delicate diffuser. A ceramic diffuser with a beautiful fine finish and magnificient light effects.


Power supply: 100-240 V

Dimensions:  H 12,5 cm x Diam. 10 cm

Weight: 390 g

Diffusion area:  up to 30 sqm


  • Ceramic coverings
  • A lid
  • A AC adapter and a USB cable
  • User manual