Kemlia V1, Aroma Diffuser For cars


A healthy and pleasant atmosphere in your car

Kemlia V2 makes your car a pleasant and safe place to be.

Take your pick from the different oils available to relax when stuck in a traffic jam, stay alert during long trips or simply put your mind at ease.

The heating process has been elaborated to make sure the oil molecules don’t lose their efficiency. 

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A bottle ready for use

A 10ml spare tank can be placed into the device to avoid wasting time and taking risks while driving.

For all vehicles

Kemlia V1 needs to be connected to a cigarette lighter socket. It has been elaborated to match just about any type of vehicle. The rotation system guarantees that the scattering stays the same wherever it is used.

Device Operation

1. Insert the blotter into the side slot.
2. Connect the device to a cigarette lighter socket.
3. Put 3 to 5 drops of oil in the metallic orifice. They will spread to the blotter.
4. Press the ‘ON’ button located at the bottom of the product. A light-emitting diode indicates that the device is functioning. The aroma scattering should take about 2 minutes.
5. Put the tank back into its slot to protect it from UV rays.
6. Add a couple of drops whenever you sense the oil is running out.
This product may only be connected to a 12V cigarette lighter socket.


Aroma diffuser for cars using resistance heating and a blotter.

Dimension :
H:105mm L: 91mm l: 62mm

12V cigarette lighter socket


  • A diffuser with a cigarette lighter socket
  • 5 blotters.