Nelia Zephyra perfume and essential oil diffuser


Spray diffusion

This is a modern, easy to use diffuser that allows you to diffuse your essential oils in large areas, all whilst preserving their properties thanks to its spray diffusion technology.

With its colorful design, this diffuser will bring a touch of joy to your interior. It is composed of a base that contains the pump, and a glass dome with a hand-blown stopper. A simple switch allows you to use the diffuser as it suits you.

In just a few minutes, the fragrances and benefits of the essential oils are diffused around you, even in large areas.

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The advantages of the product

  • Diffusion area of up to 100 m2
  • Respects the essential oils
  • Stopper that pivots 360°

A powerful diffuser

The Nelia Zephyr is a powerful essential oil diffuser (up to 60 m2). It is simple, but with an attractive design (in the shape of an arum lily). It respects the properties of the essential oils diffused.


Technical specifications:
Essential oil spray diffuser

Diffusion area:

H 28 x Diam 10.2 cm



  • The wood and white porcelain diffuser
  • Mains adaptor
  • Instructions