Néolia, a perfume and essential oil diffuser


Spray diffusion

Néolia is a powerful essential oil diffuser that diffuses directly from the bottle.

It works with most bottles and can be programmed. It also respects the properties of the essential oils diffused.

Neolia is a powerful, top-of-the-range diffuser. It can be programmed and makes it possible to diffuse your essential oils in large areas, whilst preserving their properties thanks to its spray diffusion technology.

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The advantages of the product

  • Sprays directly from the bottle
  • Respects the essential oils
  • Most types of bottle can be used
  • Adjustable diffusion frequency and duration

Néolia Easyfuzz is a real revolution!

No more repeated cleaning: no more refills and no daily cleaning. The diffuser’s programmable interface allows you to adapt it to your needs.


Power supply : DC 5v 1A

Power : 3W

Dimensions : L13 cm x Diam 8,5 cm

Weight : 425 g

Max. diffusion area : 100 m2


  • The diffuser
  • Mains adapter and USB cable
  • Spray-stopper and removable diffusion nozzle
  • Instructions