Pluglia Alizé, a cold air essential oil diffuser


Innovative pulsed air diffusion

This home mood fragrance diffuser uses ventilation.

A few drops of essential oil are placed on a ceramic disc (neutral material). The air is then pulsed against the disc for optimal efficacy.

The ceramic is placed in an interchangeable support. Thanks to the heat-free pulsed air diffusion method, the aromatic molecules preserve their purity and all their properties.

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The advantages of the product

Pulsed air diffusion

  • Can be programmed for 1 h of diffusion
  • Safe system with no direct access to the oils
  • Quick and easy to change the fragrance
  • Replaceable ceramics and supports

Discrete and functional

On the façade of this product, the plastic cover is decorated with cut-out designs that allow air to enter. At the top of this plate, the switch allows you to turn the product on, as well as identify the diffusion mode that is active, paused or at the end of its cycle.

To open the product, all you need to do is press simultaneously on the two side buttons. The design of Pluglia Alizé allows the non-evaporation of the essential oils when the product is turned off. They thus remain intact and available.


Cold air diffuser

– 1 hour of diffusion
– Four 15-min diffusion cycles, interspersed with 10-min pauses
– Green light to indicate that the product is working
– Flashing green light to indicate installation
– Automatic stop
– Red light to indicate the end of the cycle

Dimensions :
H = 112 mm, L = 82 mm, P (avec prise) = 100 mm

Weight :
130 g


  • The Pluglia Alizé diffuser
  • A support and its ceramic disc
  • Instructions