Pluglia, Electric essential oil diffuser (220v)


A healthy and pleasant atmosphere in every room of the home

Pluglia creates a healthy and pleasant ambiance in every room of the house. You can therefore clear your kitchen from bad smells, make a better sleeping atmosphere in your bedroom, or purify the air in your living room.

The heating process has been elaborated to make sure the molecules of the oils don’t lose their efficiency.

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1 Fill the metal circle with a few drops of essential oils.
2 Connect the device to a power source.
3 Simultaneously press the two sides of the device. A soft blue light indicates that it is working. Press twice to get the nighttime mode.
4 In a few minutes, a delicate scent will spread throughout the room.
5 Add a few drops whenever it runs out of oil.

Easy to use and place discreetly

This diffuser has been created to be placed in a 20m² room.

It scatters a light and delicate scent. It contains an electronic timer and launches three 15 min long cycles of scattering with 15 min breaks in between.

A blue light indicates that the device is functioning.

You can choose from two lights, one of which is softer and is designed for nighttime.


Description :
– Wall Aroma diffuser.
– Scattering by soft heating.
– Electronic timer.
– Stops automatically.
– Two modes light, adjustable intensity.

Dimensions :
H = 53mm, L = 145 mm, l=115mm

Weight :
350 à 400g

Power :
220/240V – 50/60Hz.


  • A wall aroma diffuser
  • a mix of essential oils
  • a user notice