Simplia V2, Wooden essential oil diffuser


A healthy and pleasant athmosphere

Atmospheric scattering is the easiest way to diffuse essential oils. Their smell helps to provide a safe and relaxing environment. 

Simplia V2 aroma diffuser spreads the oil molecules without heating them. That way, they remain efficient and keep the air from being polluted by germs and microbes.

This diffuser contains a silent air pump located in the wooden pedestal and a little tank for the essential oils. In addition, you can adjust the power of the device.

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Powerful yet silent

This diffuser can be used in any room, and quckly cleans the air of a 60m² room. By shifting from an essential oil to another, you can create any kind of atmosphere according to your preferences. 


Description :
Wooden base.

Carved logo on the front or on the back (in option).

Dimensions :
125 x 76 x 210 mm

Weight :
82 g

Alimentation :
Secteur 220/240V – 50/60Hz – 6V / 500mA


  • 1 360° adjustable cap on the back (in option).
  • 1 wooden pedestal containing the air pump
  • 1 blown glass set