Stonelia, Ceramic Soft heat Diffuser


A soft heat scattering

This electric diffuser is equipped with a ceramic thermo-regulated part specially designed for essential oils and natural scents.

It is silent, and therefore ideal to create a warm atmosphere by slowly scattering a delicate scent.

Its appeasing shape and colors allow you to use it in a variety of rooms.

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Programmed functions

This diffuser is wired to a remote to switch between the two scattering modes. It will automatically stop after 20min or 60 min to avoid wasteful consumption and leaving it functioning when no one is there. A light-emitting diode located on the remote indicates which mode the device is in.


Description :
Ceramic diffuser with resistance heater. Modes with LED indicator: ON 20min (20 min diffusion), ON 60min (60 min diffusion).

Fonction (avec témoins lumineux) :
ON 20 min : Diffusion pendant 20 min
ON 60 min : Diffusion pendant 60 min

Dimensions :
H = 53mm, L = 145 mm, l=115mm

Weight :
350 à 400g

Power supply :
Sur secteur 220/240V – 50/60Hz


  • Ceramic base with heating electric resistance
  • Wired remote with timer