Ventiliaa cold air perfume and essential oil diffuser


Innovative pulsed air diffuser

This home mood fragrance diffuser uses ventilation.

A few drops of essential oil or mood fragrance are placed on a cellulose disc (neutral material) and air is pulsed through the disc for optimal efficacy. The cellulose disc is enclosed in an interchangeable plastic capsule.

Thanks to the heat-free pulsed air diffusion method, the aromatic molecules preserve their purity. The air current carrying the fragrances can be set at 3 speeds: silent, normal and turbo.

The diffuser filters the air before ventilating the fragrances. The filter is situated underneath the product. It is easy to access and can be replaced (filters sold separately).

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The advantages of the product

  • 3-speed pulsed air: silent, normal, turbo air
  • Cellulose disc
  • Replaceable disc and filter
  • Choice of lighting color
  • Other decorative discs available

A colorful, natural atmosphere

On the façade of the product, the metal disc is decorated with cut-out designs that lets the air and mood lighting flow out. This light area also makes it possible to identify the diffusion mode that is active.

In silent and normal mode, the colors change gently and the light can be fixed on the color desired.


Cold air diffuser

Function :
– 3 ventilation modes: silent, normal, turbo air
– Multicolored mood lighting
– 30-min diffusion timer

Dimensions :
H = 135 mm, L = 150 mm, l = 150 mm

Weight :
440 g

Max. diffusion area:
60 m2


  • Spherical diffuser with its diffusion capsule
  • A second diffusion capsule with its cellulose disc
  • The decorative metal disc (other designs available)
  • Mains adapter
  • Instructions